helping pets & their people understand each other

The Oxfordshire Animal Behaviour Centre can help if you are experiencing behaviour issues with one or more of your pets or need advice prior to acquiring a pet. The Oxfordshire Animal Behaviour Centre offers a caring service to pet owners and the emphasis is on an understanding, patient and gentle approach. Dr Muriel Brasseur, Zoologist and Animal Behaviourist can help with all your behaviour problems and provides dog training in Oxford and Oxfordshire. 

Contact the OABC, call 07809 562 526 or Send us a Message

We can help your pets with all sorts of behaviour problems

Need help with dog behaviour?

  • Is your dog nervous of other dogs or people?
  • Are you unable to leave your dog home alone?
  • Does your dog go 'berserk' on lead and lunges at other dogs?

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Need help with cat behaviour?

  • Does your cat bite and scratch?
  • Or fights with other household cats or neighbourhood cats?
  • Does your cat soil in the house?
  • Is your cat refusing to go outside?

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Warning to Oxfordshire Dog Owners


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